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Take a look at some of the car wash and valet services we offer.

Exterior washing

  • Exterior Washing with waterless Liquids
  • Exterior waxing
  • Glass and Windscreen cleaning with Glass cleaner
  • Plastic and vinyl cleaning
  • Tyre Polishing
  • Alloy Polishing
  • Metal Polishing

Complete Interior

  • Interior Cleaning
  • Dashboard Dressing and polishing
  • Plastic and vinyl cleaning and Dressing
  • Floor running board Brushing and Vacuum
  • Foot Mats washing and cleaning
  • Seats Brushing and Vacuum
  • Dash board and Cup box cleaning using chamois
  • Trunk boot Vacuum and cleaning
  • Door latches cleaning

LUXURY Detailing

  • Exterior washing
  • Complete Interior
  • CAR Perfuming

* Customer to provide power connectivity where applicable.

Paint protection with TEFLON coating

Our Staff specialized in Teflon coating.

It is suitable for any age and condition of car. The treatment thoroughly cleans and shines the car surface to create a rich, 'just like new' look and it is a protective laminate for the car against deterioration from UV rays, Moisture, Oxidization, Acid rain, Tree sap, Dust & Water droplets.

Economy: Single layers Teflon coating (+1additional)
Premium: 3 layers Teflon coating (+1 additional )

Other Popular services we offer at CarWah kukatpally

Exterior Beautification

Exterior Beautification is suitable for any age and condition of car. The treatment thoroughly cleans and shines the car surface to create a rich, 'just like new' look and covers painted surfaces, Tyres, glasses, bumpers and plastic parts.

Wind Screen Treatment

Highly developed polishing and cleaning ingredients remove most stubborn marks, improves wiper action and makes water drip off immediately without smears which along with its Anti glare property improves vision.

CAR SunRoof

Webasto sunroofs’ range covers all the mainstream cars running on Indian Roads. These products are equipped with attractive features and individually variable settings to provide you with customized enjoyment. it is easy to operate technology ensures unique pleasure. Sunroofs are installed by only trained and certified engineers. Once installed these sunroofs become an integral part of the car and looks good as original.

CAR Refrigerators

Best Suited for SUVs’ like Captiva, Endeveour, Fortuner, Safari, Pajero, Prado etc. Also Available in 18 LTRS , 35LTRS, 50LTRS with Compressor . Thermo-electric Chillers in 8ltrs and 15ltrs also available.

Other Car Care available at CarWah kukatpally

FUEL Products

  • Injector Cleaner
  • 3xA Diesel, Petro

Cooling System Products

  • Cooling system flush
  • 3xA Diesel ,Petrol